Houston DWI Lawyer: Fighting for Your Future

When you’ve been arrested for suspicion of driving while intoxicated, your future is immediately in jeopardy. Being convicted of DWI in Houston could cost you your career, your relationships, your driving privileges, your financial resources, and so much more.

Right now, you’re probably a little confused. Maybe you’re scared, wondering just what’s going to happen to you.

That’s okay. I’m here to help.

The implications of a drunk driving charge are severe. As your Houston DWI lawyer, I am committed to you. To knowing your case. To educating you about your options. To protecting your rights. To fighting hard for the best possible outcome. That’s me. Commitment, knowledge, education, protection, and The Fight.

DWI & Houston Criminal Lawyer offering:

  • Free case evaluations – Get the answers you need now. I offer a 100% FREE, no obligation case evaluation to anyone who has been charged with a DWI or other related crime. You don’t even have to hire us. We just want to give you the information you need to get on the right track. Click here to schedule your 100% FREE case evaluation today!
  • DWI and criminal defense expertise – You’ll be working with a lawyer who has always been a criminal defense lawyer, not a former prosecutor who used to fight against people like you. I have always been on your side, and we’ll always fight to ensure your rights are protected.
  • Affordable legal services – Hiring a knowledgeable, well-credentialed DWI defense attorney in Houston doesn’t have to be expensive. I make it affordable for you to procure the legal counsel you deserve. Call me today to schedule a free consultation at (713) 225-1900. All case evaluations are confidential and complimentary.

Remember, being charged with a DWI or DUI doesn’t mean you are guilty. You are innocent unless proven guilty, and I’m here to help you prove your innocence. From DWI checkpoints to no refusal weekends and mandatory blood draws, I know how prosecutors test and process evidence when building a case against you for drunk driving allegations. That means I can start building a strong defense for your from the moment you are charged with a DWI in Houston.

Drunk driving charges are serious, and you need a serious defense lawyer. Call me 24/7 to schedule a free DWI consultation. I’m here to help.