Nondisclosure of Criminal History or Sealing Record

File a Petition for Nondisclosure to Seal Criminal Record in Houston

In Texas most people who successfully complete deferred adjudication probation are eligible to have their record sealed. Jay Cohen is a Houston criminal defense lawyer experienced in petitions for nondisclosure.

With some exceptions, (most commonly DWI and assault family violence) a person with little or no criminal history can be placed on deferred adjudication probation.  The benefit of deferred adjudication is, once successfully completed, not having a conviction and the opportunity to have the arrest sealed or nondisclosed.

Update: DWI Records Can be Sealed as of July 2017.

The technical term is a petition for nondisclosure. This means once the process is complete, no one will be able to see you were arrested other than the government.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long do I have to wait after completing a deferred adjudication probation before I can have my record sealed with a petition for nondisclosure?

You’ve probably never heard this from a lawyer but, it depends. If you completed a deferred probation for a felony offense, you have to wait 5 years. If it’s a misdemeanor you are likely eligible immediately unless it is one of the following, unlawful restraint, assault, disorderly conduct, indecency, weapon offenses, anything that has to do with others.

Am I eligible for a nondisclosure if I was charged with an offense after I finished my probation?

If you were charged with another crime you could still be eligible for a nondisclosure. The requirement is that enough time passed after you completed your probation. Five years for a felony and two years for a misdemeanor.

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